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April 10, 2007

Lifan LX-250 Post

I found a review of a Lifan LX-250 Quad.

Size is good for a 6ft adult.
Like the Kazuma, got faster as we put more hours on it.
Gearing is lame. 1st is only good for steep climbs. All others are too tall and make you work to get in the powerband.
Shifter is very tough to get used to. Does not shift clean & is hard to get neutral sometimes.
Carbs required little tuning. Ran good out of the box.
Better suspension than the Kazuma. Not as much travel it seems, but it never felt like it was bottoming out.
Reverse keeps coming out of adjustment. Made it very difficult when this happens out on the trail (thing is heavy to push).
A little scarry at high speeds. It will do over 40mph.

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