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May 4, 2007

United Motors V2S 250R

This is the United Motors V2S 250R. It is basically a Hyosung GT250R with a different paint scheme. I personally like it better than the solid colors Hyosung has for thier bikes. The style is bold but not obnoxious like the tribal pait on the hyo bikes.

United Motors has a multi-year contract with Hyosung to rebadge thier models. This should create some extra cash flow for Hyosung but might also canibalize some of thier sales. Is Hyosung shooting themselves in the foot or building new revenue streams?

I personally think Hyosung made a good long term move here. Yes, short term UM will get some of Hyosung’s customers. UM will eventually sell Hyosung built bikes that are unique from the Hyosung models. However, motorcycle owners are a very loyal bunch. The story behind thier bike is important to them. Hyosung is a company that scrapped it’s way to into the motorcycle industry to become a player by building motorcycles. UM on the other hand simply rebadges motorcycles made by other companies. This is an important difference that will make it hard for UM to build owner loyalty.

Do you think UM / Hyosung deal will be good for both companies?

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