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May 23, 2007

Tank Sports Vice President Interview

Here are some notes from an interview with Wei Luo, Vice President of Tanks Sports…

Progress of Ethanol based bike
– Finished 3000 mile road test with positive reactions
– Working on report of results
– Carb costs more, fuel tank costs more. Totally different than conventional.
– Slightly higher price than gas mc
– MPG 10 – 15% less mileage than gas. (E85 – 50% gas)
– Positive feedback from dealers

Financial Performance
– 2007 – 27M projected income
– EPS: 3 – 5% of net
– Largest parts for Chinese parts – Warehouse consolidation

Parts Warehouse
– 10 K SKUs’ for over 30 different brand names including Lifan, Honda, Yamaha
– Largest Chinese parts distributor in US.

– Favorite vehicle – Scooters are the most popular, ATV’s second
– Scooters sold out, limited inventory.
– Ethanol scooters soon.
– Ethanol 150cc and 250cc engines – can be used in scooters and bikes.

– Tank Sports is first company with Dealership network and manufacturer

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