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September 12, 2007


Vento Announces 400cc Triple for 2008


Vento announced development of a 3 cylinder, air/oil cooled 400cc engine that marks a departure from importing their engines from China. It will appear in 2008 model ATV’s and Motorcycles. The idea is to create a versatile engine that can be used in many motorcycles and to have greater control of its quality and power characteristics.

This news is a double edged sword for Vento. In a way it acknowledges engine quality is lacking in bikes they currently sell. This is not a huge deal and probably wont’ have a big impact on sales. It does set them apart from American importers who simply rebadge inexpensive motorcycles from China, Korea or Taiwan. It is great to see they went with a unique engine configuration. This combined with its versatility and compact design should give them a lot of options for unique models.

The Kneeslider mentions Bienville Studios is the design team involved in creating the engine. These are the same guys who designed the Confederate Hellcat and Wraith. Sketches of prototype Ventos place the rear shock under the engine displaying how compact the design really is. I am excited to see what Vento releases in 2008.

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  1. john newman
    Mar 29 2017

    I am looking forward to seeing and hearing this engine

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