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December 13, 2007


Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers Multiplying

Over the last few months the buzz has been increasing over electric motorcycles. Vectrix displayed the beautiful electric Super Bike Concept at this years Milan show. It joins the ground breaking Maxi Scooter which is all over youTube and many green blogs. Other players in the space are Zero Motorcycles and Quantya who produce electric dirt bikes. The designs are very different but they are both light and minimalistic. Closer to down hill mountain bikes than motorcycles. Enertia Bike takes a slightly different approach to a street bike than Vectrix. They build a contemporary, minimalistic motorcycle for the road. This is an exciting time for environmentalists and motorcyclists alike. I can’t wait until I get to ride one.

  1. Sep 26 2010

    very nice & want to know everything

  2. May 8 2017

    Hey! Just wanna ask if was this concept successful? It is awesome and I want to know more about it. :)


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