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May 1, 2008

2008 Shineray XY250GY Motorcross

Image Credit: MyChinaMoto.com

Image Credit: MyChinaMoto.com

This may be the coolest display I have ever seen at a motorcycle show. The 2008 Shineray XY250GY with all it’s parts suspended as if it just exploded. The XY250GY also looks great put together. In fact, I would not be surprised if this motorcycle changed the way Americans look at Chinese motorcycles. It has the looks and the specs. The price is good. If the quality is close this may be a winner.

Check out MyChinaMoto.com for more information. While your there be sure to scroll down and check out the Shineray XY200GY-7. It is a dualsport with big racks, front and back, and a 5 gallon tank. It has a nice utility look to it. The wave rotor on the front looks a little out of place but I will let that slide. Besides MyChinaMoto, check out Shineray Owners Forum to get more information from Shineray owners.

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