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June 30, 2008

Want To Buy a Maxtra 125cc GP Racer?

Looks like the team at Maxtra Racing is considering a production version of their 125cc MotoGP race bike. Chinese company Haojue has teamed up with racing legends John Sutrees, Gary Taylor and others to build a motorcycle from the ground up and race it in the 125cc class of motoGP. Obviously the project is generating a lot of interest for the Maxtra brand.

This is a drastic departure from most Chinese motorcycle manufactures approach to entering markets outside of China. While Zongshen and Lifan aim at low cost, low cc market Haojue decided to shoot for the elite segment of one off race motorcycles and work backwards from there. So far it was a good call. The Maxtra name will be associated with racing before it ever reaches showroom floors. An image of quality will be baked in to the name.

So when can I buy a Maxtra?

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