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December 10, 2008

New 150cc Motorcycles For The US In 2009

The 150cc motorcycle is not new. In fact it is extremely common displacement in countries outside the US. With gas prices peaking out in the summer of 2008 above $4.00 US importers realized the need for highly efficient, easy to ride motorcycles. Scooters are getting a lot cooler these days but they are still not as cool as a motorcycle in a lot of circles. Here are two great low displacement options when gas makes it’s inevitable return to ridiculous. The Japanese manufacturers do not move as fast to fill trends like this. Manufacturers in India and Taiwan and their US partners are much faster to make riders happy.


TVS Apache RTR 160

Classic Motorworks will be importing the TVS Apache RTR 160 to the US in 2009. Classic Motorworks is credited for bring the Royal Enfield back to the states. A quick browse through their website makes it obvious these guys are in touch with their customer. They are one of the few importers with a full functionality discussion forum. I have a hunch this forum helped them realize the need for the Apache.

The Apache features Fuel injection, front and rear disk brakes, wave rotors in a modern sport naked package. I am scratching my head a little bit on why they put an 18 inch tire on the back and a 17 inch in the front. Top speed is a respectable 75 mph so it should be good for limited highway commuting depending on its stability at speed.


Kymco Quannon 150

Kymco is a powersports manufacturer based out of Taiwan. They are known for high quality products. Take it from BMW who looks to Kymco for the 450 cc power plants in their low displacement G models. A quick look thorough their website makes it obvious they are a top Taiwanese manufacturer. They have a ridiculous number of models available. Kymco USA is slowly increasing the number of models they bring to the US. The Quannon joins the Venox as one of the latest US motorcycle offerings.

The looks of the aggressively styled, full fairing Quannon rival many midsized Japanese offerings. It features a four valve, single cylinder engine that puts out 14 hp. The frame looks extremely sturdy which should lend to great handling. I am looking forward to some owner reviews on this one.

Yes, some might say why not pay a little more for a Ninja 250R or a Hyosung GT205R? Well, one persons “little bit more” is another’s “way too much”. I think beginners and seasoned riders alike will find something to like about the 150cc class. For beginners, there is nothing smarter that starting on a bike that won’t catch you off guard. Any seasoned road riders want to improve corner speed? Buy one of these and enter a low displacement race series.

As a motorcycle enthusiast I am always happy to see bikes that break the mold. If you are not into socializing it would be a bad idea to buy any of these bikes. Questions will be flying at the local group ride. You won’t even be safe at stop lights. Everyone who is into motorcycles will be wondering what the bike is and all the details.

If you buy one of these bikes please be sure to tell us how you like it on your favorite forum. Here are a few if you are not already a part of the online conversation…
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Here is a nice TVS Apache RTR 150 commerical…

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