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January 26, 2009


2009 Keeway TX 50 and TX 125 Supermoto and Enduro


Keeway is best known as a manufacturer of scooters. Thier website now shows 4 different motorcycle models. The TX series of supermoto and enduro motorcycles are the most interesting. The TX 50 is a 2 stroke with modern styling, angular bodywork, underseat exhaust and integrated turn signals. The TX 125, has a very similar appearance but has a 125cc 4 stroke engine. I am looking forward to seeing these bikes in person. Not a lot of information out there yet. Keep an eye on the Keeway Forum for more information as it surfaces.

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  1. Oct 23 2015

    Apr28Libby Oakes-Ash What a great story Trish, well done . Good on you Kip I too agree to the need’ to have dirfefent bikes for dirfefent occasions. I have a beautiful carbon fibre road bike and a great mountain bike and used to only ride those bikes, but after a lovely couple of years in Perth I have discovered the joys of cruisers, vintage and girly bikes and now have 7!! It is so freeing NOT having to change when you get to work and be able to cycle to have a coffee on the way home without worrying about wobbly bits’ in your lycra lol..You should come on one of our rides you would really enjoy it.

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