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February 5, 2009


Bajaj KTM Prototype 250 Singles?


Indian motorcycle and auto manufacturer Bajaj is best known in the two wheeled world for Pulsar series. Not so well known is their size and 25% stake in KTM. Bajaj motorcycles are mostly smaller in size and more functional than performance minded. This makes the partnership with KTM a very interesting one. Bike India has pictures of some recent Bajaj prototypes by Xenophya Studios based on a 250cc single. Xenophya are the same people who modeled the Glynn Kerr designed the Fischer MRX650. Could this be the first product of a marriage between KTM and Bajaj? Let’s hope so. With a KTM four stroke single these great looking bikes could be a hit in any country. Keep an eye on Bajaj Forum for more discussion about KTM and Bajaj.

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  1. goutam
    Jan 24 2014

    Nice bike wow……

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