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March 10, 2009


LED Lights on Yamaha R6 at Daytona, All Bikes Should Use Them

Despite all the “DMG Douchbaggery” and controversy, I personally enjoyed watching the Daytona 200 this year. I dodged all the spoilers and caught the race on Speed TV, DVR’d of course. I did not like the accident caused by the pace car. However, racing at night was awesome to watch. Seeing the American Buells doing well was also exciting.

One accidental new feature that added a lot to the experience was being able to tell which bike Bostrom was riding when the camera was panned way out for the straight / finish. The reason I knew which bike was Bostrom’s was the LED lighting on his R6. The Yamaha teams used the lights to help the rider communicate with the pit crew to let them know when they want to pit. I would love to see all teams adopt these lights and add an additional light, each team having a different color to help fans track their favorite rider.

Hard core racing fans would probably equate this to the streamer NHL used to help amateur fans track the puck. Yeah, I’m not a hard core road racing fan. I go to the races in Elkhart Lake, WI almost every year but I don’t know the ins and outs of road racing. I am probably your average AMA ticket buyer and I doubt I am alone on this. Fans need a little help following the races on TV.

I also hope the LED light trend takes off for road bikers too. I think it would make everyone more visible and safe. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Image Credit: MotoGP Matters

  1. Oct 23 2015

    FINALLY! sSomeone makes a good video complete with a wiinrg diagram!!! Thank you! Also one more thing. Can one use any size LED lights?

  2. The meeting last night was really well attended and about ten people volunteered to be on a steering group to go ahead with the formation of an allotments association. It would be great to have a representative of existing allotment holders on this group.

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