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March 25, 2009


Shineray XY250-5A Chief 250 Sportbike

Shineray Chief 250 XY250-5a

Shineray Chief 250 XY250-5a

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Shineray developed a 250cc single powered fully faired sport bike called the XY250-5A Chief 250. It is powered by the same 250cc engine as their X2 MX bike. Styling feels familiar but I can’t say it is a direct copy of any bike on the market. Shineray does not currently import to the United States. There is a guy in UK working on importing them. You can contact him on Shineray Forum

Have a look at the XY250-5A spec sheet. Looks like a fast little bike.

source: My China Moto

  1. John
    Oct 10 2010

    Wow, this looks like a sportbike I’d like to own. I accidently found the Chinese manufacturer of the bike and I liked the bike so much I googled my fav search engine for more details about it and I was hoping to find a US distributor for the make annd model that I wanted. So you can imagine how I feel that there is no US distributor for this brand. It is very disappointing to say the least. If they brought it here, it would most certainly sell, especially the 125cc model. Hopefully, it will come to the US very soon!

  2. tincho
    Nov 10 2010

    Buenas tardes soy de Argentina (neuquen cp) y yo tengo esta moto per en mi pais se llama con marca KELLER modelo 260cc racing K2.
    L atengo hace un mes y todabia no la e puesto a fondo la estoy acentando y realmente es hermosa tiene casi el mismo tamaño que un CBR Ó UN R6 claro que con otras prestasiones estamos hablando de una tercer marca pero bueno uno compra lo que puede y no lo que quiere a mi gusto del primer dia y para viajar trallectos +/- medianos alcansa y sobra la verdad es un cañito lindo.

  3. jesse
    Feb 26 2011

    the 5a superbike will be in Rockland MA available end of march early April

  4. skadamo
    Feb 27 2011

    Hi jesse, have any more information? Does Shineray have a US distributor?

  5. teakay
    Oct 17 2011

    How can I get part for a shineray chief,I’m in south africa

  6. Oct 22 2011

    Come to Ecuador and buy it, send it back in a crate. $2500.00 U.S.D. We have them here ready to ride. A nice bike the XY250A. I have ben riding Shineray since 2003 and watching them progress to this particular bike. Nice paint finish, attention to detail. The Shineray XY 250A called “Chief” as a model has an oil cooler, single cylinder 250 cc over head cam motor that is rubber mounted for less vibrations, single disc brake in front and rear wheels, chain drive, two seat style (for the small girlfriend butt in the air) 17 in aluminum wheels with low profile fat tires. The clutch is a cable operated where as I would prefer a hydraulic actuated clutch but hey, for $2500.00 a lot of transportation. Single shock coil spring rear suspension. My experience with Chinese motorcycles is they are sort of lightweight but the newer ones feel real good. The exhaust system will not last more than a year or so as I would recommend changing it on day one with a stainless steel system and maybe wrapping it up under the passengers seat and out the back tail light area. My preference is red paint and then remove the flat black rims and powder coat them gloss white. Actually to make this motorcycle really brake well, put on a second front wheel disc brake which would require a different rim and appropriate shock for mounting. Then I would manufacture two nicely done suitcases/bags for the back for traveling. This would make the motorcycle a killer machine for the money. But why stop there, remove the engine, bore it out to 300 cc upgrade the camshaft, port the heads, maybe a small turbo. Lets make it scream some.

  7. AzTeK
    Apr 25 2012

    Aqui en mexico la estan comercializando esta muy bonita esa linea de moto china.. muy parecida a las Kawa

  8. Alun Beck
    Mar 27 2015

    Where can I purchase a new or used Rocker Arm Assembly for the XY250-5A

  9. Oct 23 2015

    I miss the Southwest and Southern California so hard. This makes me wish I did a better job of docuientmng my time there, and leaves me more than a little nostalgic. And maybe with a renewed purpose to escape the East Coast again, I feel like I should never have come back here.

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