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April 21, 2009


Zero Sportbike by 2010 | Zero Dualsport in 2009


Dealernews has a great summary of the Zero Motorcycles distribution model. In the article they mention Zero will launch an all electric (of course) sportbike in 2010. They will also have a dualsport and new MX version later this summer 2009. While most electric motorcycle manufacturers only have a few models, Zero is cranking out products at an amazing pace.

A few people in the forums mentioned it would be nice to see a dualsport version of the Zero S supermoto. However, with 16” wheels fit tightly in the custom swingarm in order to keep ride height low, a traditional 18” wheel is not an option. The dualsport will either have unconventional wheel sizes like the Zero S and Zero X or this bike will be one off and very different from the Zero S. Dealernews mentioned the Sportbike and dualsport are being built based on feedback from the customers. Zero is listening. Can’t wait to see what they do with the feedback.

Source: Dealer News

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