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April 22, 2009


Buy a Zero X Motorcycle On Amazon

2009 Zero X Electric Motorcycle

2009 Zero X Electric Motorcycle

A member of Electric Motorcycle Forum noticed that you can buy the Zero X on signaling Zero is experimenting with another minor shift from traditional motorcycle sales. Zero currently uses a system of sales representatives who host demo rides and educate perspective buyers about the bikes. When a rider chooses to buy a Zero the bike is drop shipped to the customer or the representative’s dealership if they have a retail location. If the rep has a retail location they get 10 to 13% profit on the deal. Representatives without brick and mortar get less.

Dealer News explains it very well on page 2 of their article…

As mentioned earlier, the company is forgoing the traditional distribution model. Instead, dealers offer demo rides only. If a customer decides to buy, he or she does so directly from Zero through its website (, entering a promotional code provided by the dealer, who then earns a commission of 10 percent to 13 percent. If a customer doesn’t enter a code, and resides in a territory with a Zero rep, the company says the agent will still earn a commission. Zero pays dealers monthly.

The article goes on to explain that representatives without brick and mortar location get less money for a sale.

If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get free shipping. I assume you can also save on sales tax in some states. Being on Amazon could be great advertising for Zero Motorcycles. Zero not only has an innovative set of motorcycles, they continue to innovate in their marketing, PR, sales, advertising and distribution. Zero is turning out to be a wild ride for the whole powersports industry.

Source: Electric Motorcycle Forum
Source: Dealer News

  1. Nov 1 2010

    i need a zero x rigth now but i donot have the money for it i wish all of zero x bike shop just send me one now

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