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October 9, 2009

EP Racing Takes 2nd Aboard the Hyosung GT 650R


Firebird Raceway, Phoenix, Oct. 4th, 2009 – It was a windy weekend at the tight and technical West Track in Phoenix, yet Matt Kellerman (#63) was able to stay on the bike for three more podium finishes. Entering Round 7 of the CCS Southwest Series, EP Racing was looking to move up to third in the standings for Thunderbike as well as claiming Third Overall in the Lightweight Division. Happily both goals were accomplished with EP Racing taking a weekend best of 2nd in the Thunderbike race.

The bike was running great after last months fixes, so the only modification made for the race was a new paint job to make the Hyosung GT650R stand out on the track and help highlight our sponsors. The team received many compliments on the bike throughout the weekend, and as the pictures show, the bike looks great at speed!

Race 1:  Matt was a little late getting out for the warm-up lap, which led to a bad start at the drop of the green flag. He was able to hold on to the back of the two bikes in front for half the race, but on lap 5 he could no longer shift through his gears. Matt had to retire from the race and found the culprit to be a missing footpeg bracket bolt. Not the best way to start the day but with the addition of a new bolt the team was ready for the next race.

Race 2: LW Superbike saw the winds really start to pickup and some dust starting settle on the track. Another rough start saw Matt slotted into 4th into Turn 1. The bike in front ridden by Kerry Alter (#21) was a heavily worked SV650 that rocketed out of the corners. Matt would bring his GT right behind number 21 into the corners only to see his work lost as Kerry used his power advantage to pull away on the short straights. #63 was finally able to pass Alter on Lap 5 and immediately started to pull a big gap. But it was too little too late as the front runners had already pulled away. Matt brought it home in 3rd.

Race 3: Thunder bike started nearly the same as LW Superbike yet this time the Hyosung was 3rd into turn 1. This time Matt was able to get past Kerry on Lap 2 and set off after Dustin who was in the lead. The wind was kicking up some serious dust at this point and halfway through the lap a sand storm blew across the track, knocking the visibility down to near zero. Matt said “I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me at one point, so I just held the throttle open and hoped I didn’t run out of asphalt!” The GT650R weathered the storm and brought it home in 2nd.

At the end of the weekend EP Racing and the GT650R have moved into a tie for 3rd in Thunderbike, and have moved into 3rd overall for all the Lightweight Classes. EP Racing would like to thank all of its sponsors,, Hyosung Motors USA, Hyosung.Biz, Dunlop, EBC, BMC, LSL, and Puig for another successful weekend.

Next month will see the team and their GT650R return to the Main track for the 8th and Final race of the season. The event is scheduled for the weekend of November 14 – 15, 2009. For more information log on to Roadrace Southwest.

EP Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and have been racing the Hyosung GT650R since 2006. They have achieved multiple victory’s, countless podium finishes, a LW GT title, and other honors, in both the CCS, and SMRI race series. For more information you can contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email:

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