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October 29, 2009


Hyosung Aquila GV700i Cruiser First Look [Rumor]



Rumor has it Hyosung will be unvieling the GV700i at Milan in November. The new Aquila has the classic GV cruiser look with the liquid cooled 650 90 degree vTwin bored out to 700cc.

Guys racing the GT650 have successfully bored the engine to almost 700cc with good results and reliablility. There has been quite a few requests on the Hyosung forums for a GV650 cruiser with classic cruiser styling. Looks like Hyosung is listening.

Source: PIWYR via Alternative Cruisers

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  1. Oct 23 2015

    Funny. Yes, Red Wing is sourcing the eninge from Harley, but I think they have some unique design cues that make it something more than just a knock-off of a Harley Softail. We’ll just have to wait and see if these sell to anyone other than Aerosmith fans.

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