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January 20, 2010


TF110 Reverse Trike ATV By Yongkang Easy Vehicle Co

Yongkang Easy Vehicle TF 110

Zhejiang Yongkang Easy Vehicle Company took the Bombardier Spyder reverse road trike concept and brought it to the dirt with the TF110. Being familiar with the Spyder I’m not sure why this reverse trike atv caught me off guard. It seems part of the benefit of having two wheels in the back when off road would be additional contact patch with loose dirt and rough terrain. Maybe in deep ruts the centered rear wheel would hook up on high, dry ground? The rider would be in a rather uncomfortable forward leaning position with the front wheels in ruts and rear wheel not.

The concept is interesting and there must be some situations where this 3 wheeled ATV shines. Anyone have any experience riding this Chinese creation? Have any thoughts on terrain it might handle well? Please leave a comment and let me know.

TF110 Specifications

Bore*stroke 52.4x 49.5mm
max speed 48km/h
wheelbase 1200mm
mini ground clearance 110mm
seat height 570mm
reated loading capacity 80kgs
front tire 16*8-7
rear tire 16*8-7
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Drive Chain drive
engine type 110cc air cooled,single cylinder,four-stroke
start mode electric start
tank capacity 3L
weight 100kgs
product dimension 168x118x82cm

Source: Yongkang Easy Vehicle Co.

  1. Jeff Elwell
    Feb 11 2011

    Any in USA

  2. Mar 10 2011

    PAVEMENT! With legal lights this can be registered as a street legal trike. With our out dated laws a 4 wheel atv CANNOT BE LEGALIZED.

  3. Michael
    Aug 7 2011

    I read a ‘Reader’s Rig’ back in 03 where a guy took a Raptor and welded up a single wheel swing arm, out fitted it with signals and lights etc, put DOT approved tires on it and then had it registered as a motorcycle. Used it for commuting to and from work.

  4. Jul 22 2012

    the reason I can think about is they try to change the gravity toward the front wheel and make it more stable when climbing uphill.

    In the history, government body banned trike due to it may lost balance when driving uphill.

  5. Jan 10 2013

    Great idea Several different ways this could go .

  6. abdullaziz
    May 24 2014

    how much is the TF110 Reverse Trike ?

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