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February 3, 2010


2010 Hyosung ST7 Sport Cruiser In Dealers Soon

Looks like the Hyosung GV700i is official, only it will be called the ST7. The Hyosung ST7 should be on boats to dealers now and will be available in two models.  Hyosung Motors parent company S&T Motors Korea explains it this way:

At the last EICMA 2009, the most popular model ST7 was the traditional cruiser motorcycle which is more perfect for long distance cruising than the sports cruiser Aquila 650.

The name ST7 is derived from the initials of ‘SUPER & TOP’, ‘SAFETY TRAVEL’, ‘SATISFACTORY TOUR’, ‘700cc engine solely developed by S&T Motors R&D departments’ and ‘symbol of lucky’. So the ST7 represents safe travel, and that is what brings lucky driving to you. And the ST7 is stresses the best performance and top quality in its class.

ST7 has the unique appeal of a mixed classical and sports style. Installed is a DHOC 8valve 90° V-TWIN engine with expanded displacement from 650cc to 700cc. This gives impressive low and mid-range performance fit into the theme of tour/cruising.

The frame of a traditional cruiser will give a comfortable riding position, neutral handling with a powerful engine.

Twin muffler, multiple LCD meter on fuel tank (17L), clear lens multi reflector headlamps, LED etc gives ST7 a combined style of modern functionality with a classical image.

ST7 will be released and will begin exporting at the end of January. There are two type of models; Standard and Deluxe (Deluxe comes installed with full accessories), and both come in black, red and white color.

Hyosung ST7 Specifications:

Seat height: 690 mm (27.2 in)
Length: 2479 mm (97.2 in)
Wheelbase: 1675 mm (66 in)
Tires (front): 120/80 16 60H
Tires (rear): 170/80 15 77H
Dry weight: 244kg (537 lbs)
Fuel capacity: 17 l (4.5 gal)
Engine: 678.2cc

Source: S&T Motors via: Korider

  1. pete rawson
    Aug 14 2010

    Just wondering if the tank, seat and rear end will go onto a GV650? Im in Australia and totally love my GV650 but do not wish to waste any money on silly experiments. Thanks for reading, Pete.

  2. mike smith
    Sep 17 2010

    I’ve had 2 hyosungs, this might be the 3rd.Great bikes,great prices.What more could u ask for.

  3. Abdul Hameed Panakkal
    Oct 30 2011

    I`ve one Bajaj Avenjer220 in india… but i Like Hyosung700st
    insha Allha… next my bike….Hyosung cruiser700st7….

  4. azmi tamb y
    Nov 3 2012

    I’m Malaysian. Till now there is no hyosung st7 in market in malaysia. Can u give me an advised if i wish to bought this bikes. tq

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