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February 11, 2010


United Motors Closes Its Doors

United Motors quietly closed their doors February 1, 2010. They had what seemed to be a solid business importing Jincheng motorcycles from China after input on specs and quality and rebadging them as UM. A few years ago they began a deal with Hyosung (S&T Motors) to rebadged the 650c and 250cc models as UM. The multi-phase deal would eventually lead to Hyosung engined bikes designed by UM. The deal did not sit well with Hyosung US and rightfully so. The UM bikes began to sell better than the Hyosung brand in the states and dealer locations were not spaced far enough apart to protect Hyosung USA dealer territory.

All the details are not available about how UM met its fate. GE Money, the firm that loans money to dealers to stock the showroom, took possession of all United Motors inventory. A United Motors Group member in China called UM Global is still in business. Although this is strange it might offer hope for UM powersports owners who have warranty claims. If you have more information about UM’s fate and its possible future in UM Global please leave a comment or email admin [at]

Source: Powersports Industry Daily Via: Korider

  1. Andres Galvis
    Oct 4 2010

    Anyone has any info on warranty claims? surprisingly – not really – UM China does not accept my contact message…mmmhhh I wonder if it has something to do with me asking info about a recall… Any info would be appreciated…

  2. ace cat
    Dec 5 2010

    those villegas brothers should be hung from the first tree we find. come buy um products and then sell us out , go crooks….

  3. ned shatzer
    Jan 25 2011

    paid extra for my skooter only because of the three year warrenty.
    dealer less than honest. will never buy another product from his business.

  4. Carlos
    Jan 28 2011

    I bought a UM Renegade 200 LE in Lima Peru, obviouly they are not here any more either, it looks like we all got coned worldwide!

  5. gary orsini
    Feb 11 2011

    we bought a 200 dsf we cant read the vin. if i give you the motor number that was under the shifter can you come up with the vin. the number is 167fm186504346 . any bike during assembley sould have a build order we need that vin thank you

  6. skadamo
    Feb 12 2011

    I can’t tell you personally but might want to contact MRP or your local MRP dealer. They bought out all the UM parts and may have that type of information.

  7. Anonymous
    Feb 13 2011

    As a former employee of UM, I can completely sympathize with all of the dealers and customers left out to dry. UM had reached a point where it was left with only a handful of employees, and that’s including warehouse employees. They simply started cutting back ON EVERYTHING! They had no money to pay for parts, therefore, dealers were left waiting for warranty parts for over a year! Ridiculous, I know! I worked in the parts department, so I was the one who had to tell dealers the unfortunate news. When customer’s would call us directly, I tried to resolve their issues, but was always told by the Villegas to just have them contact their dealers. I felt terrible having to turn my back on the customers, as I am just another petty consumer pinching pennies to get by and I understood that for most customers, this was their only method of transportation, and having it in the shop for over a year was just simply unacceptable. I left the company before things got worse and when the parts manager also quit, they contacted me again for me to take the position. I already had been informed of their plans of moving their operations to Latin America, so I decided not to go back, although they reassured me that my position as Parts Manager for US was safe despite the fact that they would be focusing more on Latin America. I decided not to go back because I knew them to be shady, selfish people. Not surprisingly, a few months later, the Parts Manager position I was offered became obsolete because their doors (for the US) were officially closed. They are now operating out of Aventura, FL distributing only to Latin America. It’s terrible that so many people were duped during this ordeal. I was especially sorry for all of the dealers that lost their businesses due to UM’s negligence! Especially since I maintained a great relationship with a lot of them during my time at UM despite the circumstances! My heartfelt apologies to all of you for the trouble this has caused!

  8. Stephen
    Mar 5 2011

    They obviously faded back into the Colombian Jungle from wince they came.

  9. John C
    Apr 5 2011

    I also worked with them as a regional rep from 2004-2005. I actually quit a very good job to go to work for them because of the opportunity that seemed to be there.

    The program they offered for dealers was appealing but my midwest dealers would often not reorder after experiencing “out of crate” quality issues that caused them more headaches than they were worth. The brand positioned itself as a premium line and charged for it, but the bikes often needed work right out of the crate, which caused mismatched expectations. Then, follow that with poor parts management plus a total misunderstanding of American quality-seeking culture, and you get a company that can’t survive the long haul. Fortunately, most of my dealers knew my stance on quality and I had to end up quitting to help salvage my own personal reputation. It was unfortunate because I liked being in the powersports business. :-/

    For parts, try MRP ( and maybe they can help you.

  10. Chris
    May 8 2011

    I bought my United Motors V2C 250T cruiser new in 2008 (out of the crate) and keep having problems with maintaining a charged battery. It seems like I am having to put my battery on a charger about every 3 days if I am not riding it. Is this a typical problem with this bike and if so can it be fixed. Any suggestions welcomed.

  11. Jen
    May 16 2011

    My husband bought a um 650 in 2007 from the dealer he works for now and then. They will not even help him sale the bike. we have replaced the battery and other parts numerous time. I would love to light a fire under the bike. The bike is the worst purchase we ever made. I guess we will all do more research on the companies we buy from or maybe only buy AMERICAN MADE.

  12. rick
    Jul 2 2011

    I saw a UM for bargin sale on National Poswersports Distributers. Not being familiar with the brand I decided to search the Internet to get more info. Glad I did. Apparently we will be seeing a lot more UM bikes being dumped into the redistribution market before being absorbed into the wrecking market for recycling. Buyer beware!

  13. Jul 2 2011

    i just gat a motorcycle 2009 and just wonder if i am gonna be able to buy parts for this toy

  14. Monte McCraw
    Jul 21 2011

    Bought a 2005 200GY several years ago from a friend and he gave me the parts manual, but no User’s or Owner’s Manual. Wouldn’t mind a download but don’t want to pay for subscription unless have to.

  15. Randy
    Aug 12 2011

    I don’t know about UM but I am very familiar with Hyosung, in particular the GV 250. It is a very well made motorcycle and for a 250 cc, very quick and responsive. I don’t like the chain drive. I rode one when they fist hit the US and my brother eventually bought a 2003 model. He is not an avid rider, but the cycle is always ready when he is. He has 9,000 miles on it and the only trouble he had was a faulty fuel gauge, which he ordered online and was shipped out of CA. All five of my brothers and I ride various bikes from H-D to Yamaha, and that little 250cc keeps up with us everywhere. I’d buy a used Hyosung any day. Just thought I’d let you know.

  16. miguel familia
    Aug 15 2011

    Ipaid 8400 thousand dominican pesos for a un motorcycle witch Icant find no dame parts . thats a dam shame, hell with u chinese poeple

  17. suzanne
    Sep 12 2011

    How do I get another key?

  18. zachary
    Feb 4 2012

    i bought a 04 um and i was wandering does anyone know what major brands wil cross reference with these bikes . i also understand that the were hyosung so i dont know if u should look up parts that cross reference with that name also please help i would love to be able to ride it soon .

  19. Zoher
    Feb 9 2012

    one of the villegas brother is in India to con once again

  20. Zoher
    Feb 9 2012

    holy shit is this bike sooooooooooooo bad

  21. Aaron
    Feb 24 2012

    I purchased a hyosung/united motors V2S-650R in august 2011. After havin the carbs cleaned cause the bike sat so long it runs great. The only problem I have had was a dead battery but all bike batterys die if not put to use every now and again (trickle charger people) ! I have had no problem getting parts from one of two places to me in the states. MPH Cycles Houston, Texas these guys know what the hell they are talking about and doing when it comes to these machines, or<is a strictly Hyosung/United Motors parts website and they deliver super fast !!! I personally love my bike, people tell me i must have got a good one due to not having many problems with it. And one more thing if you are having starting problems REMOVE YOUR SIDE STAND SWITCH AND CABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a pain when this p.o.s. won't let you start your machine ! I hope the contacts I put up here will help all of you enjoy your Hyosung/United Motors motorcycle as much as I do.

  22. tico boy1
    Mar 12 2012

    Your friends have just opened a store in San Isidro de la General, Costa Rica. Big red UM right there on the front for everyone to see. As I have no experience with them I will at least pass the word to both my tico and gringo freinds here to do some background work before investing anything like real money. I’ll keep you advised as i can.

  23. cdy
    Mar 14 2012

    I looked at a UM DSR 200 today in Medellin Colombia – never heard of the brand before – the saleswoman swore up and down they were American made and assembled in Colombia – then I saw their website and read these posts -hahaha

  24. ronald
    Jun 27 2012

    I recently purchased a barely used um matrix150 from a private person and I drive it daily for work. I’m thinking I must be getting over due on preventive maintenence? How and what do I use in it. I have two thousand miles on it and 1000 of it is mine.

  25. Roger
    Jul 28 2012

    Have an ’08 UM Renegade 200. Thought the bike was bad until I took it to a dealer who knew what hw was doing. New battery and spark plug,and the bikes runs better than ever! UM is still a Chinese bike, but it is the best of the off-brand imports.

  26. dan
    Sep 22 2012

    gv 250 renegade 2005 cluch cable issue, the aftermarket is a bit different from original, any sugesttions?

  27. Garland
    Sep 22 2012

    I have a 2007 UM 650r i got from dealer auction. Tryin to find parts, starter, for it. Any suggestions?

  28. Doug
    Dec 7 2012

    I won a UM scooter in a raffle last night. After reading this I’m not sure it was worth the $20 I spent on tickets lol

  29. David
    Feb 18 2013

    I have a 2007 Hyosung V2C 650S. I am having trouble finding parts. Any suggestions??????????

    FYI, if you are having starting problems “REMOVE YOUR SIDE STAND SWITCH AND CABLE,” as I see someone else suggested before myself. It worked for me too.

  30. Terry M
    Mar 9 2013

    Dose anyone No were I can Find parts for my 650 any info would help?

  31. Will
    Jul 7 2013

    Try I have ordered parts for my small UM dirtbike from them and was pleased with the service and the parts. I checked, and it looks like they may have parts for most UM bikes.

  32. sales1
    Aug 14 2013

    I am purchasing several units for work related purposes. Does anybody know if quality and parts supply has been improved ? I understand they have emphasized a lot on innovation and appearance on their newer models but , what about engine , suspension and transmission performance ?

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  35. Amar
    Sep 22 2016

    These cheats have now come to India under the guise of UM Lohia. They are getting Chinese junk here and painting them as US designed bikes. They claim to have 4000 bookings (which i doubt). They promised delivery in June this year but till date there is no signs of the bikes. Also the press feedback they received on the Chinese junk has been very bad. You can visit there Facebook page and post these complaints so that customers can be aware of it. They are quite active on digital media in India

  36. John Fregans
    Apr 21 2017

    There back. Just made a formal launch in Manilla at the Moto Builds Philipinas , 2017 Trans Sports Show on April 12 2017. You guys need to start passing the word.

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