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February 18, 2010


Highland ATX Quad Racer ATV

It’s ironic that a bike so prone to dying would be reincarnated so many times. In early 2000 Cannondale transformed itself from US based bicycle manufacturer to US based powersports innovater with the launch of the x440s dirtbike and the Cannibal ATV. Both were based on a gound breaking programmable fuel injected four stroke with a reverse cylinder similar to the 2010 Yamaha YZ450, minus the reverse slant. Air in the front, exhaust out the back.

The all aluminum frame was covered with top shelf components from Domino throttle to Ohlins suspension to Talon hubs. The only problem was the bike had issues with the motor grenading, sealed fuel system leaks and slightly porky weight. Cannondale did a great job of servicing it’s customers (I know, I fried the ECU on my 2002 e440) but they eventually went bankrupt. ATK purchased the motorcycle rights and did a lot of work improving reliablility. Dinli purchased the ATV rights originally but ATK now sells a version of the Dale Quad.

Now it looks like the Cannondale ATV frame has made it’s way to the newly restructured US Highland group based in Oklahoma. Highland is a group of that has had it’s share of growing pains but has some amazingly powerful and lightweight engine designs. The 450 motor is now in the ex-Dale frame and will be the new US Highland ATX Quad Racer. It will also be available in a 507cc version. Cannondale quads were known for their amazing power so no doubt the chassis can handle the power of the Highland lump. I will post more details on the ATX and the Cannondale link as I get it.

Source: Highland Forum Images: QuadZone Foums

  1. Dustin Douglas
    Sep 20 2010

    i am a gncc racer and i would love to know more about the highland atv, and how i can get one as soon as they hit the production line. I am just sick of everyone bragging about the yamaha, or suzuki 450s. I am also wanting to race pikes peak in 2011 and i would love to be able to run the most powerful atv to the top.

    Thank you for your time

  2. juju
    Dec 23 2010

    bonjour étant francais auriez vous des vidéos de se quad

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