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February 19, 2011


Christini Announces Christini Branded 450 Manufactured In China

Steve Christini Shows 2wd 450 At Indy

Steve Christini took advantage of the dip in motorcycle sales to secure a manufacturer out of China to build Christini branded 450 four stroke and 300cc two stroke bikes. No surprise they feature the Christini All Wheel Drive system. The 450 will retail for less than $7000 USD making it extremely attractive option for riders looking for game changing features in their next ride. The 2 stroke will use a Gas Gas motor.

No word on who is manufacturing the 450 yet but stay tuned, I’ll be digging.

Source: Backmarker

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  1. John R
    Dec 7 2011

    I’m wondering about the reliabillity of the motors if they are made in china. I’ve heard that the low budget motorcycles coming out of china are not reliable. The price and design sounds great but I would need some reassurance about the dependabillity before I buy one.

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