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October 14, 2011

FX Bikes Considering A 2 Stroke? And Their Latest Video

FX Bikes put out a new video of their 125 lb, 125cc “Mountain Moto” being put through the paces by various pro MX and MTB riders. They looked to be having a blast tossing it around and Wheelieing through tight spots, logs and dirt mounds. The FX appears to be at home playing in places full sized MX bikes might resemble a bull in a china shop.

Yesterday I received an FX Bikes mailing list survey asking if I would prefer an 80 cc two stroke version tuned for smooth power over the 125cc four stroke. I answered… fine with me. If it is lighter and quieter all the better.

Survey says…

1. FX is considering a modern 80cc 2-stroke engine for a new model Mountain Moto.

This would have about 15hp but still be 57kg/125lb.
It would be red sticker in USA. (Later we can do green sticker / Euro 3 versions, but not yet).

This engine is a new design, 4-speed, tuned for smooth power delivery.

If this was available, would you prefer it over our current 125cc 4-strokes? (Would you want it?!)

Anyway. Have a look at the video below and let me know what you think…

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