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Quantya Strada Electric Enduro Motorcycle

Swiss Electric motorcycle manufacturer Quantya introduced a fully electric enduro version of the FMX called the Strada. This bike uses an LiPO battery and has a maximum speed of about 43 miles per hour. Power has been described as on par with a 250cc dirtbike. I think a street legal enduro is a great segment for electrics. You can use it for running errands around town and ride the local trails in stealth. Can’t wait to test ride one of these great looking electric motorcycles.

Check out the Quantya Forum to discuss this bike with other owners and enthusiasts!


Italjet Machines

Italjet has been slowly adding machines to it’s line up over the last 12 months.

  • In an agreement with Hyosung Motors they will rebadge the GT650 as the Italjet Griffon.
  • The Marco Polo 400 is thier new Maxi-scooter. This one is a rebadge of an Guangzhou Huanan Motors Group machine.
  • The Dragster is also relatively new addition to the lineup.

Italjet has a new marketing director here in the states. It will be interesting to see what direction he takes the company. Diamo USA will import Italjet machines to the states but they will be sold under the Italjet name. There are a few enthusist forums out there if you want to get involved. Italjet Forum is a newer, broad based community dealing with all models. is a more established forum that concentrates on the Dragster model.

Please post a comment with any information you have about the company. I would be interested to hear what you know.


Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers Multiplying

Over the last few months the buzz has been increasing over electric motorcycles. Vectrix displayed the beautiful electric Super Bike Concept at this years Milan show. It joins the ground breaking Maxi Scooter which is all over youTube and many green blogs. Other players in the space are Zero Motorcycles and Quantya who produce electric dirt bikes. The designs are very different but they are both light and minimalistic. Closer to down hill mountain bikes than motorcycles. Enertia Bike takes a slightly different approach to a street bike than Vectrix. They build a contemporary, minimalistic motorcycle for the road. This is an exciting time for environmentalists and motorcyclists alike. I can’t wait until I get to ride one.


Italjet Grifon 650 Pre-Production Ride Video

Italjet is about to enter the big bike market with the Grifon 650. The Italian mark is catching a second wind after it’s banruptcy in 2003. The Grifon’s blacked out Italian styling is accented with spoked rims, Giannelli exhaust and Brembo brakes. The Pre-production Grifon looks to be a combination of the Grifon and Bazooka prototypes introduced in late 2005. MCN posted the following video of a test ride…

Italjet is the latest company to outsource the chassis and 650 vTwin engine to South Korean Motorcycle manufacturer Hyosung. This most likely will allow them to hit a lower price point than previous prototypes with outsourced engines. Diamo USA is set to import the Grifon to the United States under the name Italjet USA. Let’s hope we see it spice up the bike meet parking lots some time in the near future.


Hyosung TE450

Hyosung TE450
Buzz is starting to build in anticipation of the release of the Hyosung TE450 and UM MTX-450. Hyosung USA and United Motors will both be importing the ATV to the US under thier respective brands. The quad is built by S&T Motors in South Korea. S&T recently bought out Hyosung Motors and Machinery. Posts on mention the UM MTX 450 is due to hit dealer floors by the end of July.


2007 Lifan GS For Sale in OK

I found this brand new 2007 Lifan GS for sale in Oklahoma. The guy needs to unload it cuz his girl friend won’t let him keep it.


Hyosung Flat Track Racer

Looks like someone affiliated with Hyosung is developing a Hyosung Flat Track bike. That is probably a good race series to start with. It is not super popular so you don’t need as much money to compete as in superbike series. There is also some interesting information on future Hyosung models. A 450cc single in a quad and a dirt/enduro. A 1200cc sport cruiser. Sounds cool.


Tank Sports Financial Discussion


Tank Sports Vice President Interview

Here are some notes from an interview with Wei Luo, Vice President of Tanks Sports…

Progress of Ethanol based bike
– Finished 3000 mile road test with positive reactions
– Working on report of results
– Carb costs more, fuel tank costs more. Totally different than conventional.
– Slightly higher price than gas mc
– MPG 10 – 15% less mileage than gas. (E85 – 50% gas)
– Positive feedback from dealers

Financial Performance
– 2007 – 27M projected income
– EPS: 3 – 5% of net
– Largest parts for Chinese parts – Warehouse consolidation

Parts Warehouse
– 10 K SKUs’ for over 30 different brand names including Lifan, Honda, Yamaha
– Largest Chinese parts distributor in US.

– Favorite vehicle – Scooters are the most popular, ATV’s second
– Scooters sold out, limited inventory.
– Ethanol scooters soon.
– Ethanol 150cc and 250cc engines – can be used in scooters and bikes.

– Tank Sports is first company with Dealership network and manufacturer


Hibi Enduro 200

Check out this 2006 Hibi Enduro 200. I have never heard of Hibi but the bike looks familiar. Is Hibi the manufacturer or are they just importing and rebadging a bike?