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Matt Kellerman Takes 2010 CCS Southwest Lightweight Championship Aboard Hyosung

Matt Kellerman Hyosung GT650RCongrats to Matt Kellerman, Powersports Outlet Racing and Hyosung for the amazing performance in CCS Southwest this year!

Press Release follows:

Firebird Raceway, Chandler AZ Nov 14th 2010: After a long season beginning back in January, Powersports Outlet Racing won the CCS Southwest Lightweight Championship aboard their Hyosung GT 650R. The weather was perfect for the last race of the season and the team took advantage with two race wins and two second places on the day. Although a rules change this year did not allow the Lightweight Bikes to fight for the Overall #1 plate, the team took pride in knowing that they amassed the most points and would have won the overall expert plate any other year. When all was said and done the team won all classes they contested: LW GP, LW Superbike, ULW Superbike, Thunderbike and the Overall Lightweight Championship.

Matt Kellerman: 2nd LW GP, 2nd LW Superbike, 1st ULW Superbike, 1st Thunderbike

“It was a great year for the team. We have been racing the Hyosung GT 650R for 4 seasons and all the hard work really paid off this year. We jumped out to an early lead this year, winning the first 9 sprint races in a row, and only finished off the podium in one race all year. I have to thank my friends and pit crew Tim and Annette Flood for all their support. Also, a big thanks to Powersports Outlet for their sponsorship, Jim Cox Racing for providing the great Dunlop tires, the Crew of CCS SW for putting on a great race series, and Hyosung Motors USA for their parts support.”

Powersports Outlet Racing is currently gearing up to contest the WERA West series in 2011. The little Korean bike that could, has proven itself to be a reliable, race winning machine and we are proud to be associated with a great up and coming brand. We look forward to competing on a larger stage next year and showing off the potential of the Hyosung GT 650R.

Powersports Outlet Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and has raced the Hyosung GT 650R since 2006. They have had countless podium finishes, multiple race wins, and class championships. If you are interested in the unique sponsorship opportunities they can provide contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email:

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2011 Hyosung Gas And Electric Lines Unveiled

2011 Hyosung GT650R in White

Hyosung USA posted pictures of their 2011 GT and GV lines and their new ST-E3 EVA electric scooter.

The 2011 GT650 and GT250 lines get bold new graphics added to last years tail section restyling.

The biggest news is the introduction of the ST-E3 EVA electric scooters first unveiled at Intermot by parent company S&T Motors. The hub motor of the classically styled scooters is powered by a Lithium-polymer battery pack rated for 40 Ah. Hyosung claims a 74.5 mile range at 21 mph.

Source: Hyosung USA


ATK GV700 At Bonneville

2011 ATK GV700

ATK and S&T Motors recently signed a deal for ATK to sell 33 K bikes under the ATK name. Last week during BUB week, S&T Chief Operation Officer Jimmy Park and ATK front man Frank White met with motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart to show him an ATK GV700 and run the bike on the salt.

Source: Guido Ebert


ATK And Hyosung Enter 4 Year 33,000 Unit Deal

On May 25 Frank White of ATK USA and Taekwon Kim of S&T Motors signed a four year deal for ATK to rebrand and sell S&T vTwin motorcycles in the United States.

This is not the first agreement between S&T Motors and another powersports company to rebrand the Hyosung product line. United Motors had a four year deal to rebadged the Hyosung sport bikes, scooters and cruisers and eventually build their own bikes based on the Hyosung engine. In early 2009 United Motors closed it’s doors leaving a hole in S&T’s production output. Fischer Motors also produces the high spec Fischer MRX650 using a Hyosung 650cc engine licensed through S&T Motors.

The previous relationship between S&T and United Motors did cause some territorial disputes between UM and Hyosung USA, S&T Motor’s US distributor. No mention is made on any limits to territories ATK can sell the re-branded machines.

It is interesting that Harley Davidson does not acknowledge ATK’s plans to provide Harley dealerships with small to medium displacement vTwin cruisers. It is common to see scooters on the sales floor of Harley dealerships and with the Buell Blast no longer available for HD’s training programs the 250cc ATK cruisers should make a nice learner bike. This air cooled vTwin has a low seat height and is capable of 90 mph speeds.

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Hyosung At The 2010 Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

30th Aniversary Hyosung Avitar 650

Despite a poor economy and the absence of many big motorcycle brands Hyosung Motors America had strong presents at the 2010 Cycle World International Motorcycle show in Chicago. I chatted with Hyosung Motors America President Tony Kim and Regional Sales Manager Hyon Ko about the 2010 models and bikes in the works. Tony Kim confirmed that later this year or early next year we will see an all electric scooter from Hyosung available here in the states. The Gem 4.0 and 2.0 were first unveiled at EICMA late last year.

Hyosung unveiled the ST7 cruiser earlier this year at EICMA but the 700cc liquid cooled twin made it’s first US appearance at the Chicago show. The South Korea based company also displayed the newly redesigned GT250 and GT250R with redesigned tail section, black triple tree and fuel injection.

I captured some poor quality video on my iphone of the ST7 and Hyosung GT250R. Have a look and be sure to check the bikes out this weekend if your at the Chicago IMS show.

Check out the videos and images after the break…

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2010 Hyosung ST7 Sport Cruiser In Dealers Soon

Looks like the Hyosung GV700i is official, only it will be called the ST7. The Hyosung ST7 should be on boats to dealers now and will be available in two models.  Hyosung Motors parent company S&T Motors Korea explains it this way:

At the last EICMA 2009, the most popular model ST7 was the traditional cruiser motorcycle which is more perfect for long distance cruising than the sports cruiser Aquila 650.

The name ST7 is derived from the initials of ‘SUPER & TOP’, ‘SAFETY TRAVEL’, ‘SATISFACTORY TOUR’, ‘700cc engine solely developed by S&T Motors R&D departments’ and ‘symbol of lucky’. So the ST7 represents safe travel, and that is what brings lucky driving to you. And the ST7 is stresses the best performance and top quality in its class.

ST7 has the unique appeal of a mixed classical and sports style. Installed is a DHOC 8valve 90° V-TWIN engine with expanded displacement from 650cc to 700cc. This gives impressive low and mid-range performance fit into the theme of tour/cruising.

The frame of a traditional cruiser will give a comfortable riding position, neutral handling with a powerful engine.

Twin muffler, multiple LCD meter on fuel tank (17L), clear lens multi reflector headlamps, LED etc gives ST7 a combined style of modern functionality with a classical image.

ST7 will be released and will begin exporting at the end of January. There are two type of models; Standard and Deluxe (Deluxe comes installed with full accessories), and both come in black, red and white color.

Hyosung ST7 Specifications:

Seat height: 690 mm (27.2 in)
Length: 2479 mm (97.2 in)
Wheelbase: 1675 mm (66 in)
Tires (front): 120/80 16 60H
Tires (rear): 170/80 15 77H
Dry weight: 244kg (537 lbs)
Fuel capacity: 17 l (4.5 gal)
Engine: 678.2cc

Source: S&T Motors via: Korider


Kellerman Sweeps Phoenix CCS Southwest Round Aboard EP Racing Hyosung

Kellerman closes on Kerry's #21 SV650

Kellerman closes on Alter's #21 SV650

For Immediate Release

Encore Performance Racing Starts New Year With Multiple Wins

Firebird Raceway, Phoenix AZ, Jan. 17, 2010: The new year brings a new hope and a general sense of optimism for most people, and the beginning of 2010 was no different for the EP Race team and their Hyosung GT 650R. A fuel injected engine arrived over the short winter break and spirits were high that the new powerplant would help propel the team to the top step of the podium. However, as with most new projects, you have to jump a few hurdles to get to the finish line and this one was no different. It requires many additional components to switch from a carbureted engine to a fuel injected engine and as the first race weekend of the year drew near it became apparent that the swap would not be done in time. Undeterred the team went into the weekend knowing they would give it their all and hope for the best, after all it is a new year!

It looked like it might rain on Sunday, but the forecast predicted it would hold off until Monday and for once the weatherman would finally be right, as it stayed dry all weekend. The sun peeked out off and on throughout the day and pushed the temperatures into the low 70’s, not a bad day for racing. The team had skipped Saturday practice and waited until the second session to hit the track Sunday morning. With new Dunlop 211’s spooned on by Jim Cox Racing, the bike was feeling good and the grip provided, even on the cold track, was outstanding. The optimism returned and the EP Race team was looking forward to a great day of racing

Usually, each race has a different ebb and flow to it. Sometimes the results are the same, but how you get there can be dramatically different. This weekend was different, as each race for the team was eerily similar. Matt Kellerman (#63) did not get the best starts and found himself behind Kerry Alter on the #21 SV 650 going into turn one of each race. Matt followed the #21 around the track for a lap or two, judging where best to set up his pass. He was able to pass Kerry in each race and then set a couple of quick laps to pull a comfortable gap. All four races for the team seemed nearly identical, and the EP Race team was able to sweep the weekend and bring home 1st place in all four classes (Lightweight Superbike, Lightweight GP, Thunderbike, and Ultra Lightweight Superbike).

This was the first race win for the team since Las Vegas in 2006 and they were ecstatic to be back on the top step and start the 2010 season on such a high note. The team looks forward to being back on the track on February 6th in Phoenix AZ. EP Racing would like to thank all of its sponsors,, Hyosung.Biz, Hyosung Motors USA, Jim Cox Racing, Dunlop tires, EBC, Silkolene, and Pit Bull for making such a great weekend possible. The EP Race team is looking forward to a very successful 2010. If you are interested in the unique sponsorship opportunities the team can provide your company don’t hesitate to call.

EP Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and have been racing the Hyosung GT650R since 2006. They have achieved multiple victory’s, countless podium finishes, a LW GT title, and other honors, in both the CCS, and SMRI race series. For more information you can contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email:


Hyosung GV700i Cruiser At 2009 EICMA

Hyosung GV700i Aquila

Hyosung GV700i Aquila

We have not received confirmation that S&T Motors will have the new GV700i Hyosung in the 2010 line up but judging by the pics our friends at Asphalt And Rubber sent me bike is looking very production ready. The classic styled liquid cooled vTwin is based on the flexible 650 that sits in Hyosung’s GV650 cruiser and GT650 sport bike line. The engine block is painted black and the valve covers and engine cases receive a chrome finish. A red GV700i with leather side bags with red stitching, windshield and case guards showed off Hyosung’s potential to accessorize the line. Dual exhaust pipes, chrome wheels, full coverage fenders and a tank mounted speedometer further differentiate the classic Aquila from it’s sporty cousin, the gv650 Avitar.

More pics after the break…

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Hyosung Aquila GV700i Cruiser First Look [Rumor]



Rumor has it Hyosung will be unvieling the GV700i at Milan in November. The new Aquila has the classic GV cruiser look with the liquid cooled 650 90 degree vTwin bored out to 700cc.

Guys racing the GT650 have successfully bored the engine to almost 700cc with good results and reliablility. There has been quite a few requests on the Hyosung forums for a GV650 cruiser with classic cruiser styling. Looks like Hyosung is listening.

Source: PIWYR via Alternative Cruisers


EP Racing Takes 2nd Aboard the Hyosung GT 650R


Firebird Raceway, Phoenix, Oct. 4th, 2009 – It was a windy weekend at the tight and technical West Track in Phoenix, yet Matt Kellerman (#63) was able to stay on the bike for three more podium finishes. Entering Round 7 of the CCS Southwest Series, EP Racing was looking to move up to third in the standings for Thunderbike as well as claiming Third Overall in the Lightweight Division. Happily both goals were accomplished with EP Racing taking a weekend best of 2nd in the Thunderbike race.

The bike was running great after last months fixes, so the only modification made for the race was a new paint job to make the Hyosung GT650R stand out on the track and help highlight our sponsors. The team received many compliments on the bike throughout the weekend, and as the pictures show, the bike looks great at speed!

Race 1:  Matt was a little late getting out for the warm-up lap, which led to a bad start at the drop of the green flag. He was able to hold on to the back of the two bikes in front for half the race, but on lap 5 he could no longer shift through his gears. Matt had to retire from the race and found the culprit to be a missing footpeg bracket bolt. Not the best way to start the day but with the addition of a new bolt the team was ready for the next race.

Race 2: LW Superbike saw the winds really start to pickup and some dust starting settle on the track. Another rough start saw Matt slotted into 4th into Turn 1. The bike in front ridden by Kerry Alter (#21) was a heavily worked SV650 that rocketed out of the corners. Matt would bring his GT right behind number 21 into the corners only to see his work lost as Kerry used his power advantage to pull away on the short straights. #63 was finally able to pass Alter on Lap 5 and immediately started to pull a big gap. But it was too little too late as the front runners had already pulled away. Matt brought it home in 3rd.

Race 3: Thunder bike started nearly the same as LW Superbike yet this time the Hyosung was 3rd into turn 1. This time Matt was able to get past Kerry on Lap 2 and set off after Dustin who was in the lead. The wind was kicking up some serious dust at this point and halfway through the lap a sand storm blew across the track, knocking the visibility down to near zero. Matt said “I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of me at one point, so I just held the throttle open and hoped I didn’t run out of asphalt!” The GT650R weathered the storm and brought it home in 2nd.

At the end of the weekend EP Racing and the GT650R have moved into a tie for 3rd in Thunderbike, and have moved into 3rd overall for all the Lightweight Classes. EP Racing would like to thank all of its sponsors,, Hyosung Motors USA, Hyosung.Biz, Dunlop, EBC, BMC, LSL, and Puig for another successful weekend.

Next month will see the team and their GT650R return to the Main track for the 8th and Final race of the season. The event is scheduled for the weekend of November 14 – 15, 2009. For more information log on to Roadrace Southwest.

EP Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and have been racing the Hyosung GT650R since 2006. They have achieved multiple victory’s, countless podium finishes, a LW GT title, and other honors, in both the CCS, and SMRI race series. For more information you can contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email: