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KTM FREERIDE Electric Motorcycles Unveiled

These eBikes were supposed to unveiled March 23 at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. After a leak we now have detailed pics and some information on the Freeride Supermoto and Freeride MX bike.

Have a look at the pictures below and read the articles at Plug Bike and HFL for more information.


New KTM E-Bike On Display At FIM

KTM Electric MX eBike

KTM Electric MX eBike

New pictures of the KTM all electric motorcycle, the “E-BIKE”, surfaced after being on display at FIM. (Notice resolves to KTM site) The pictures show a nice profile view of the electric motor and the bottom of the battery pack. It looks like the bike retains a nice compact profile and hides the batteries well. The shape of the swing arm is a unique. The bike runs two 21″ tires as opposed to the 21″ front and 18″ rear common on gas fueled / ICE enduros.

Absent from the left side of the handle bar is the clutch lever. However there appears to be a throttle tube with wires running from it. I can speculate this may be used for regenerative braking. Could just be a start button or on/off switch which is more likely. This bike is obviously engineered from the ground up, not a 125 with an electric motor and batteries grafted in. Looks like the Quantya Strada and Zero X will have some strong competition. Can’t wait to see more.

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