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Buy a Zero X Motorcycle On Amazon

2009 Zero X Electric Motorcycle

2009 Zero X Electric Motorcycle

A member of Electric Motorcycle Forum noticed that you can buy the Zero X on signaling Zero is experimenting with another minor shift from traditional motorcycle sales. Zero currently uses a system of sales representatives who host demo rides and educate perspective buyers about the bikes. When a rider chooses to buy a Zero the bike is drop shipped to the customer or the representative’s dealership if they have a retail location. If the rep has a retail location they get 10 to 13% profit on the deal. Representatives without brick and mortar get less.

Dealer News explains it very well on page 2 of their article…

As mentioned earlier, the company is forgoing the traditional distribution model. Instead, dealers offer demo rides only. If a customer decides to buy, he or she does so directly from Zero through its website (, entering a promotional code provided by the dealer, who then earns a commission of 10 percent to 13 percent. If a customer doesn’t enter a code, and resides in a territory with a Zero rep, the company says the agent will still earn a commission. Zero pays dealers monthly.

The article goes on to explain that representatives without brick and mortar location get less money for a sale.

If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get free shipping. I assume you can also save on sales tax in some states. Being on Amazon could be great advertising for Zero Motorcycles. Zero not only has an innovative set of motorcycles, they continue to innovate in their marketing, PR, sales, advertising and distribution. Zero is turning out to be a wild ride for the whole powersports industry.

Source: Electric Motorcycle Forum
Source: Dealer News


Zero Sportbike by 2010 | Zero Dualsport in 2009


Dealernews has a great summary of the Zero Motorcycles distribution model. In the article they mention Zero will launch an all electric (of course) sportbike in 2010. They will also have a dualsport and new MX version later this summer 2009. While most electric motorcycle manufacturers only have a few models, Zero is cranking out products at an amazing pace.

A few people in the forums mentioned it would be nice to see a dualsport version of the Zero S supermoto. However, with 16” wheels fit tightly in the custom swingarm in order to keep ride height low, a traditional 18” wheel is not an option. The dualsport will either have unconventional wheel sizes like the Zero S and Zero X or this bike will be one off and very different from the Zero S. Dealernews mentioned the Sportbike and dualsport are being built based on feedback from the customers. Zero is listening. Can’t wait to see what they do with the feedback.

Source: Dealer News


Zero S Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

Zero s supermoto

Today Zero Motorcycles introduced their street legal electric motorcycle, the Zero S. With a 60 mile range and 31 horsepower, 62.5 ft-lbs of torque at the crack of the throttle this bike should start to make commuters think about electric. At $9950.00 it undercuts the Brammo Enertia by $2000. The Brammo Enerta is set to retail at $11995 and is not yet available.

Zero s street legal electric motorcycle

Zero s headlight


Zero X is SOLD OUT!

Zero X eDirtbike

If there was an question about the demand for electric motorcycles or EV’s in general here is proof. Zero Motorcycles sold out of all their Zero X for 2008.


— Sales Soar as Company Debuts 2009 Zero X at This Year’s Alt Car Expo —

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (September 23, 2008) – Zero Motorcycles, the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, plans to announce at this year’s Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo (Alt Car Expo) that the company’s 2008 Zero X electric motorcycle has sold out. This success is a landmark moment for the electric vehicle and green movement. For the first time a vehicle with a ‘light footprint’ has blazed a discernable new path. Adding to the excitement is the world debut of Zero Motorcycles’ 2009 Zero X. Zero will be displaying the pre-production model of its all-electric dirt bike at AltCar in Santa Monica, California, on September 26-27th. In addition to the exclusive preview, media and interested consumers are invited to demo the 08 Zero X at the event.

The 08 Zero X exceeded all expectations for the first American-Made dirt bike and the 09 is already doing the same. Even before the announcement, the company has hundreds of people waiting for the next model. Fortunately, they will not have to wait long. The 09 Zero X will ship next month, October 2009.

“Zero Motorcycles is excited to unveil the 09 Zero X pre-production model at the AltCar Expo because it’s the perfect venue to share our products’ evolution,” said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder of Zero Motorcycles. “After the hugely successful launch of the 08 Zero X dirt bike, we challenged many of our current customers and industry experts to suggest ways to make it even better. All of this culminated with the latest upgrades reflected in our 09 version.”

This latest iteration of the Zero X is designed to be stronger, faster, and more durable in the most demanding terrain. Improvements start with a beefier drivetrain and work their way out from there. To handle the more aggressive riding opportunities that the 09 Zero X opens up, they have made upgrades to the brakes, handlebars, front and rear suspension, rear wheel and more.

The Zero X Electric Motorcycle is a no-compromise dirt bike that utilizes lithium-ion technology to deliver surprising power and explosive acceleration. With a 23 horsepower electric motor and a total weight of 145 pounds, the Zero X can keep pace with a conventional 250cc off-road motorcycle – without the conventional problems of noise and pollution. Using the Zero X, riders can enjoy their surroundings without trashing them. This is made possible by using advanced electrical technology and by leaving a minimal physical footprint on the trail.

The Alt Car Expo will take place at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, September 26-27. Guests in attendance will have an opportunity to demo the 08 Zero X first-hand and be the first to view the production model of the 09 Zero X.

You can find out more about the Zero X and general information on Zero Motorcycle’s website,

For media information, please contact Ashley Millan, DRIVEN Media Communications, 951-587-9465

In addition, the 2009 model will be announced soon.

Source: Zero Motorcycles