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Matt Kellerman Takes 2010 CCS Southwest Lightweight Championship Aboard Hyosung

Matt Kellerman Hyosung GT650RCongrats to Matt Kellerman, Powersports Outlet Racing and Hyosung for the amazing performance in CCS Southwest this year!

Press Release follows:

Firebird Raceway, Chandler AZ Nov 14th 2010: After a long season beginning back in January, Powersports Outlet Racing won the CCS Southwest Lightweight Championship aboard their Hyosung GT 650R. The weather was perfect for the last race of the season and the team took advantage with two race wins and two second places on the day. Although a rules change this year did not allow the Lightweight Bikes to fight for the Overall #1 plate, the team took pride in knowing that they amassed the most points and would have won the overall expert plate any other year. When all was said and done the team won all classes they contested: LW GP, LW Superbike, ULW Superbike, Thunderbike and the Overall Lightweight Championship.

Matt Kellerman: 2nd LW GP, 2nd LW Superbike, 1st ULW Superbike, 1st Thunderbike

“It was a great year for the team. We have been racing the Hyosung GT 650R for 4 seasons and all the hard work really paid off this year. We jumped out to an early lead this year, winning the first 9 sprint races in a row, and only finished off the podium in one race all year. I have to thank my friends and pit crew Tim and Annette Flood for all their support. Also, a big thanks to Powersports Outlet for their sponsorship, Jim Cox Racing for providing the great Dunlop tires, the Crew of CCS SW for putting on a great race series, and Hyosung Motors USA for their parts support.”

Powersports Outlet Racing is currently gearing up to contest the WERA West series in 2011. The little Korean bike that could, has proven itself to be a reliable, race winning machine and we are proud to be associated with a great up and coming brand. We look forward to competing on a larger stage next year and showing off the potential of the Hyosung GT 650R.

Powersports Outlet Racing is based out of Prescott, AZ and has raced the Hyosung GT 650R since 2006. They have had countless podium finishes, multiple race wins, and class championships. If you are interested in the unique sponsorship opportunities they can provide contact the team at 928-778-7910 or email:

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Video Of The Rieju MRT 250 Testing rider Roberto Montesion recently did some testing of the Rieju MRT 250 Pro Enduro. The engine is a Yamaha 250 four stroke supplied by Minarelli Motori, a division of Yamaha Motor group. The rest of the bike is collaboration with Gas Gas.

Only 50 MRT 250 Pro Enduro’s will be available to the UK market. The bikes will be decorated with high end hard parts from Galfer, Marzocchi, Domino, Polisport, Brembo, Sachs, Excel and Michelin and will be fully street legal.

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2011 Hyosung Gas And Electric Lines Unveiled

2011 Hyosung GT650R in White

Hyosung USA posted pictures of their 2011 GT and GV lines and their new ST-E3 EVA electric scooter.

The 2011 GT650 and GT250 lines get bold new graphics added to last years tail section restyling.

The biggest news is the introduction of the ST-E3 EVA electric scooters first unveiled at Intermot by parent company S&T Motors. The hub motor of the classically styled scooters is powered by a Lithium-polymer battery pack rated for 40 Ah. Hyosung claims a 74.5 mile range at 21 mph.

Source: Hyosung USA


US Highland Closes It’s Doors In Tulsa

Update: A press release was issued detailing th management restructure is underway. The press release is attached to the bottom of this article.

A post on Highland Forums with a message from an unnamed source is reporting US Highland has closed it’s doors in Tulsa Oklahoma after funding sources dried up. After the tragic death of company leaders Matts Malmburg, Chase Bales and Damien Roddich, tension between the Swedish parent group and the US group led to the companies demise.

However, US Highland are in negotiations with 3 businesses including an “American motorcycle company” to transfer company assets.

The electric research arm of US Highland called Millenial Research Corp has move to Broken Arrow, OK and will continue operations.

I contacted Kurtis King from US Highland who confirmed the content of the post is accurate. He sounds confident this is a temporary setback.

The content of the post can be read after the break…

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US Highland On Price Is Right 11/10

US Highland 450 MX

If your part of the work from home elite, a housewife, Mr. Mom or don’t have a job be sure to tune into The Price Is Right November 10 to see a US Highland 450 MX in the final showcase. US Highland‘s brand will roost across 5.1 million sets of eyeballs including host / funny man Drew Carey.

Click the break below to see the full press release. Inside said press release is an interesting tidbit about US Highland sales. They have received “well over 200 online orders since July 1, 2010”.

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Loncin LX650 And New Loncin Engines At CIMA 2010

Loncin LX650


Loncin Motorcycles had a large presence at the 2011 CIMA show in China this year. On display was the LX 650 most likely powered by the same 650 single they build for BMW G650GS.

The LX650 borrows it’s looks from the vTwin 650 Suzuki Gladius.

Loncin TQ260 Engine

Loncin TQ260 Engine

Loncin also displayed modern liquid cooled engines that we can assume will allow Loncin to meet strict emissions requirements around the world.  The TQ260 four stroke 260cc engine, the YF300 four stroke 300cc engine and the SH125 scooter engine were on display but did not seem to be in any of the Loncin bikes at CIMA.

Loncin YF300 motor

Loncin YF300 engine At CIMA 2011


See more pictures of Loncin Motorcycles in the gallery below (click read more).

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ATK GV700 At Bonneville

2011 ATK GV700

ATK and S&T Motors recently signed a deal for ATK to sell 33 K bikes under the ATK name. Last week during BUB week, S&T Chief Operation Officer Jimmy Park and ATK front man Frank White met with motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart to show him an ATK GV700 and run the bike on the salt.

Source: Guido Ebert


Specialized Cafe Racer

Specialized Cafe Racer

While most bicycle companies are drooling over the projected growth of eBikes in China Specialized Bicycles Director of Design Robert Egger is looking to internal combustion. The bike pictured above was on display at Eurobike 2010. No word on whether an ICE powered Specialized bicycle will ever grace the streets but it is nice to look at and dream about.

Source: Cycling Weekly Via: Specialized Forum


US Highland Takes On the X-Games

cory green us highland

Corey Green will ride a US Highland 450 MX in the 2010 X-Games Super X competition in LA this weekend. It is great to see US Highland pushing on after the devastating loss of Malmberg, Bales and Roddich. Super X should bring some great visibility to the US Highland effort.

US Highland will also have a presence off track at the X-Games to show off their extensive line of dirtbikes as well as the Streettracker and Viking road bikes. Check out the press release after the break for more information.

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US Highland’s Malmberg, Bales And Roddich Killed in Plane Crash

Mats Malmberg (left) and Chase Bales (right) of US Highland in a recent Joseph Noel Interview

Yesterday US Highland President Mats Malmberg, COO Chase Bales and Director of Operations Damian Roddich were killed in while returning to Oklahoma in Bales’ Cessna 421. Malmberg had been working for years to bring Highland to the main stage and had finally looked to have perfected the formula for success.

Bales was truly interested in giving the riders what they want and was often found posting and talking with enthusiasts. No doubt these men will be missed. The riders who have been following US Highland know the impact this will have on US Highland and a company poised to change the motorsports industry. Sincerest condolences go out to the families of these men and to US Highland.

Source: Plug Bike Picture: Joseph Noel