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US Highland Viking 950 Streetfighter

US Highland Viking 950
I got to hand it to Kevin Duke at Motorcycle.com, he always seems to report on the hidden gems at the big shows. Check out this 318 lb. 950cc V-twin US Highland Viking MO shot at the Dealer Expo last week. There was a small picture of the bike on the US Highland site but this is the first good look at the lightweight powerhouse. Compare to the SV650 at 375 lbs dry this bike will roast the rear and loft the front on command. The powerful and light 950 engine is suspended in a Spondon Engineering frame and swing arm for a custom streetfighter look. Like all Highlands the bike comes with high end specs such as Ohlins shocks and Brembo brakes.

Dealers will not carry any inventory. The buying process will be automated via kiosk in the dealer’s showroom. After the customer evaluates a demo model details such as engine displacement and suspension will be tailored to the users riding style. Once the customer order is complete the bike will be shipped in 7 days as the bike is assembled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No word on pricing or release date. Stay tuned to OtherMakes.net for updates.

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Highland Motorcycles And ATV Models Coming to US

Pictures of the Highland 950 vTwin has been popping up on discussion forums for years and teasing adventure riders with it’s high capacity, light weight, 120 HP engine and dirt ready design. Now it appears we may see these bikes in dirt and gravel near you. U.S. Highland is building the 950 vTwin  dualsport in 750cc, 950cc and 1150cc capacities and multiple body styles. They also will produce several versions of a single cyinlar dirtbike and ATV from 250cc, 350, 450 and 550cc.

From what I can piece together, Highland was started started in Sweden by ex-Husqvarna employees. Later the company joined forces with Louyang Northern Enterprises Group Company, Ltd to start Luoyang Luojia Highland Motors Co., Ltd. ATK was working with Highland to rebadge the bikes but this fell through. Dirt Wheels claims Cannondale was involved along the way.

US Highland recently got their hands on the equipment to build the machines and have begun production of US made units in Bixby, Oklahoma. The US Highland machines have sophisticated and highly tunable electronic fuel injection. They also come equiped with trick features such as a “G-Meter” to record vertical acceleration and deceleration forces. The US Highland website will allow customers to built a bike with multiple choices of engine and specs to suit their riding style.

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