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OSET Electric Motorcycles… Water Is No Problem

If you thought electric motorcycles might not do well in the water watch this video. Kids take their OSET motorcycles up Snowman Trial in the pouring rain.

…don’t tell mom.


OSET Kids Electric Motorcycles

OSET Electric Motorcycles Range

OSET Electric Motorcycles Range

If you have a child who wants to get into motorcycles an Oset Electric Dirt Bike is worth looking into. They are comparably priced compared to a Honda CRF50 and don’t make any noise or have a hot engine and exhaust. Less noise means less intimidation. If the kids are riding more, so are you. Yes, it is OK to be selfish. You can ride the bike too as it can carry up to 300 lbs. Check them out at OsetBikes.com

Source: OSET Bikes via: Electric Motorcycle Forum