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Video Of The Shineray X5 In Action


Shineray X5 prototype pics have been floating around the Chinese motorcycle forums for a while now. The 400cc X5 showed up at Canton Fair in China this year.

It lives. Here is video proof…

Source: My China Moto and Shineray Forum

Image: dy245000


Shineray X2 Transformer

Check out Shineray’s latest exercise in creative advertising. First at the ChongQing Motorcycle Expo / CIMTE 2008 we saw a full sized Shineray X2 turned into a 3D parts diagram mobile. Now Shineray brings us the Shineray X2 transformer. Seems the creative department at Shineray has “more than meets the eye”. Hit the break to see the video.

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Lijiang China Roadtrip Aboard The Shineray X2X


Yoko, a member of the SRMC forum posted a ride report of his trip to Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, China aboard his Shineray X2X. The translation through Google Translate was pretty rough but the dozens of pictures he posted tell a great story of travel with friends. Click the break to see a few of the great shots.

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Shineray X4 Enduro

Shineray X4 400

A picture of a Shineray X4 was posted on Shineray China’s forum. I was not able to translate any details beyond the drawing with google translation tools. It looks to be based on the Shineray X2 XY250gy-2 but has more of a Honda Transalp setup.

Shineray seems to be intent on developing it’s 250 single line up with a supermoto and sportbike version of the X2. It is possible we will see similar models in a 400cc version.

via: SRMC


Shineray XY250-5A Chief 250 Sportbike

Shineray Chief 250 XY250-5a

Shineray Chief 250 XY250-5a

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Shineray developed a 250cc single powered fully faired sport bike called the XY250-5A Chief 250. It is powered by the same 250cc engine as their X2 MX bike. Styling feels familiar but I can’t say it is a direct copy of any bike on the market. Shineray does not currently import to the United States. There is a guy in UK working on importing them. You can contact him on Shineray Forum

Have a look at the XY250-5A spec sheet. Looks like a fast little bike.

source: My China Moto


2008 Shineray XY250GY Motorcross

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

This may be the coolest display I have ever seen at a motorcycle show. The 2008 Shineray XY250GY with all it’s parts suspended as if it just exploded. The XY250GY also looks great put together. In fact, I would not be surprised if this motorcycle changed the way Americans look at Chinese motorcycles. It has the looks and the specs. The price is good. If the quality is close this may be a winner.

Check out for more information. While your there be sure to scroll down and check out the Shineray XY200GY-7. It is a dualsport with big racks, front and back, and a 5 gallon tank. It has a nice utility look to it. The wave rotor on the front looks a little out of place but I will let that slide. Besides MyChinaMoto, check out Shineray Owners Forum to get more information from Shineray owners.