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Sachs X-Road 125 On Ebay

Looks like some folks near Springfield, IL have a truck load of Sachs X-Road 125 supermotos. $600 per bike. Unfortunately they don’t come with a title. Still a great deal on an interesting and unique motorcycle.

Have a look at the Ebay Auction for more info.

I rode an electric version built by Electric Motorsport a year or so back. Fun little bike.


QLINK Rolls Out A New Level Of Value With Megelli 250’s

2010 Megelli 250R

2010 Megelli 250R

The market for small displacement street motorcycles is slim pickin’s in the States. Models such as the Honda Rebel, Ninja 250R, Kawasaki Eliminator 250 are somewhat exciting but sometimes go decades without redesign or major updates. They are great, proven bikes but are kind of lacking in the looks department.

About 4 years ago Hyosung showed up in the states under the Alpha Sport badge with a 250cc cruiser and fully faired sportbike. Both bikes looked good but the big story was the GT250R which looked more like a middle weight sportbike than a dated learner bike. A few years later Kawasaki redesigned the Ninja 250R. I personally doubt this was a coincidence. The Hyosung no doubt took a small bite out of the little Ninja’s sales.

For 2010 the bar has been raised by Italian manufacturer Megelli and US importer QLINK. QLINK quietly rolled out 3 liquid cooled 250cc single cylinder street bikes that bring ¼ liter styling to a new level. Steel trellis frame and swingarm, under seat exhaust, 31.4 inch seat height all delivered in a dirtbike light 248 lbs. These bikes look incredibly sexy and on paper sound silly fun to ride. A fully faired sportbike, a naked street fighter and a supermoto version is available.

2010 Megelli 250S

Compared to the 330 lb vTwin powered Hyosung GT250R’s 28 HP and 16.7 lb-ft of torque, the Migelli may be lacking in overall power with 16.2 HP. However, 17.8 lb-ft of torque coming from the SYM built motor combined with it’s light weight should provide for some great launches from the line and serious front wheel lofting. SYM, a powersports company out of Taiwan is known for building powerful engines with durable ceramic coated cylindar walls. The 2 year warranty puts the two bikes on par for coverage.

The price of the Megelli 250R sport bike is $3499 saving you $500 over the solid colored Hyosung models which could buy a good amount of safety gear for a learner rider. The 250S Streetfighter costs $3199 saving $300 compared to the Hyosung GT250 naked which is also a substantial amount of cash.

2010 Megelli 250M

The model that may have the largest sale potential is the 250M supermoto. It comes in at $2899 making it one of the best values in the US motorcycle market today. Comparing it to the Yamaha WR250X you loose some torque and a little HP but your also saving a staggering $3600. It remains to be seen how much you loose in fit and finish and component quality compared to the Yamaha but many flaws can be ironed out with 3 and a half large.

If you want all the details on how these bikes are engineered check out the Megelli Parts site for complete microfiche for the bikes.


Zero S Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

Zero s supermoto

Today Zero Motorcycles introduced their street legal electric motorcycle, the Zero S. With a 60 mile range and 31 horsepower, 62.5 ft-lbs of torque at the crack of the throttle this bike should start to make commuters think about electric. At $9950.00 it undercuts the Brammo Enertia by $2000. The Brammo Enerta is set to retail at $11995 and is not yet available.

Zero s street legal electric motorcycle

Zero s headlight


Qlink to Import Megelli 250M, 250S and 250R Motorcycles to the USA reported a sighting of a small displacement Qlink sport bike at the 2009 Dealer Expo. As Scooter News mentioned it looks a lot like a Ducati sport bike. I figured Alternative Cruisers would have some information on it since they usually cover Qlink cruisers. Sure enough they did.

Turns out this bike is a 125cc single (in Europe) and a 250cc (in the USA). The designed is by Megelli of England. These bikes debuted at EICMA back in 2007. Price range will be $3000 to $3500. The 125cc engine is produced by SYM Taiwan and has a ceramic coated cylinder. There is also a 50cc version in the works.

The Megelli website explains:
75% of all components are Taiwanese manufactured and raw materials purchased are to Western standards to ensure the quality box remains ticked. The power unit is purchased from SYM Taiwan which includes a ceramic coating cylinder – not a cheap option, but worth every one of your hard earned Euros! Developing a genuine 11hp, this unit has a proven track record and creates a respectful power to weight ratio for a lively ride.

Also found this spy footage on youtube…

Scooter News
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2009 Keeway TX 50 and TX 125 Supermoto and Enduro


Keeway is best known as a manufacturer of scooters. Thier website now shows 4 different motorcycle models. The TX series of supermoto and enduro motorcycles are the most interesting. The TX 50 is a 2 stroke with modern styling, angular bodywork, underseat exhaust and integrated turn signals. The TX 125, has a very similar appearance but has a 125cc 4 stroke engine. I am looking forward to seeing these bikes in person. Not a lot of information out there yet. Keep an eye on the Keeway Forum for more information as it surfaces.